Case Cold is a project created and maintained by the students and faculty of the Journalism New Media (JNM) Program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The goal of the project is to bring attention to unsolved cases in the communities near  Sheridan College with the hope that this increased focus could bring justice for the victims, and their families and friends. 

The project began in 2019.  The 2018/19 JNM class completed the initial research and began to design the online content.  The JNM class of 2019/20 continued the work by completing many interviews and preparing materials for publication. The website and other interactive materials were first published in the spring of 2020.  . The first two cases presented by the project are the murder of OPP officer William McIntyre in 1984 and the disappearance of 4-year-old Cameron March in 1975.



Romina Amou Zadeh

An aspiring entertainment journalist. She holds an Honours Bachelor's degree in English from the Azad University of Tehran-North and she also holds a post-graduate certificate in journalism-new media from Sheridan college. 


Ankush Bapna

Ankush Bapna is a postgraduate journalism student, who eagerly wants to pursue a career in travel documentary making. He comes from this deep-rooted passion originating over long years to travel every small city and tell stories from the world around. Taste every specialty and have something different to see, every day. 


Xin Chen

Xin is a content creator, focusing on using videos for storytelling. She never stops refining the skills of video shooting and editing. She worked as a freelance editor and has constant corporations with lifestyle and fashion brands and influencers.


Ritika Dubey

Ritika Dubey is the lead web designer of Case Cold. She contributed to designing the logo, layout, and interactive media for the website. Ritika Dubey is a journalism-New Media (PG) student (2020) at Sheridan College. She is an avid reader, visual thinker, and enjoys making digital illustrations. 


Tina Mcewan

Tina McEwan is a journalist and reporter. Born and raised in the UK she studied film making just before moving to Canada in 2005.
She also volunteers as a Production assistant and reporter for YourTV Halton.

Follow on Twitter @tahiratina

Danielle Orr

Danielle is a multi-media journalist and private investigator specializing in open source intelligence research. She is the host of Truth Be Told Podcast which centres around issues relating to indigenous communities in Canada.

She holds an Honours Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies from the University of Toronto and a post-graduate certificate in Media Journalism from Sheridan College.


Paolo Pagcanlungan

Paolo is a multi-media journalist who finished the Post-Graduate Journalism program at Sheridan College in 2020. His specialties lies in filming, video and audio editing, and making meaningful connections with people.  


Malavika Anupraj



Brian Capitao




Randall Kapuscinski
Professor, Faculty of Animation, Arts, & Design
Sheridan College

In charge of this project as part of the Interactive Documentary Production class in Sheridan's Journalism New Media Program.   Randall also teaches in Advanced TV & Film program, the Bachelor of Film & Television program, and the CCIT (Communication Culture Information  and Technology) program at Sheridan.