My name is Lavanya Kathirgamanathan. I am 19 years old and a second-year journalism student at Sheridan College. Today is Wednesday, meaning I should be in school right now getting ready to direct a show. Instead, school is closed for the rest of the semester, internships are put on hold or just not happening, and online classes are happening. For the next 12 days, I will be blogging every day about my social distancing experience. In my first video diary, I introduce you to who I am and my personality. I also talk about the difficulties I’ve been facing since school has moved online and things I’ve been doing to keep busy. I hope these video diaries give you a little enjoyment through the tough times.



Catching up on the readings I have left for my classes.
Still continuing to pack my bags before I go back home.

On day 2 of my vlog, I will give you updates on what I have been doing to pass time, and how I feel about not seeing family as often as I would throughout the week. I also touch on how it feels to not go outside. I’m usually out every day doing something with friends, but have decided to only go out when necessary (e.g., food, paper towels, etc.).


Brushing my frizzy curl to put on a hair mask, easier that way!
Found a sweet treat to eat while grocery shopping.

INTRO: It’s day 3 and I’ve decided to go outside after being inside for 6 days. I needed to pick up a few things food wise and skin care wise. It was different grocery shopping today compared to last week. In today’s vlog, I talk about things I have noticed while shopping when it came to social distancing. 


Working on another assignment during the day.
View from my window while doing my work.

INTRO: On day 4, I talk about what I will be doing throughout the day and how I will be spending my first weekend inside for once.



INTRO: Day 5, another homework day! Today, my dad came to visit me and drop off food he made. I also talk about how it feels to be at home for so long and not being able to hangout with friends.


First online class of the year with my profs and classmates.
A snack that I forgot to take a photo of before I ate it.

INTRO TO VIDEO:  On day 6 of Lava’s vlogs, I talk about what’s been on my mind lately about what’s going on. The numbers keep increasing and it worries me because it increases by a hundred people every day. I also show you a little snippet of what I do behind the camera when I am not vlogging.


Tape distributed on the ground so customers can be distant when waiting to pay at LCBO.
This is one of my landlord’s cats. She either doesn’t like me or is scared of me, but she’s very pretty.

INTRO TO VIDEO: It’s day 7, and I will be leaving earlier than expected because of the pandemic. Tomorrow is my last day in Oakville! This video focuses on how I’m feeling about all the changes I am facing today, and what I will be doing for the rest of the day.


My landlord left me a card as a goodbye gift. So sweet of her.
My messy messy room. I forgot my luggage back home so I really had to use plastic bags for the majority of my things. I re-use them!

On day 8 of my vlog, I move! I didn’t expect to move so soon, but it had to be done. The day was mostly packing my things, then unpacking my things. I also visited my cousins finally, but it was from afar. 


Up-close shot of my beef.
Second online class of the week.

INTRO TO VIDEO: On day 9, I am finally settled at home. This vlog focuses on how I’m feeling, what I’ll be doing throughout the day, and hopefully a good ending to my slow-cooked meal.


Happy 10 days of vlogging! Yesterday was a relaxing day. I stayed home and organized more of my things as much as possible, I also did a bit of work around the house with my dad.


My favourite colour on the new LED lights I bought.
Posted this photo on my Instagram story to show my friends.

INTRO TO VIDEO: It’s day 11 and also the second weekend I’ve been inside since COVID-19. Today is a calm day with homework, of course, and more time spent with my family. I purchased these new LED lights for my room and it was one of the best things I’ve bought online hands down.


Working in my room on assignments.
Having a dance party with my speaker and my lights.


On day 12 of these vlogs, I express how I am truly feeling about the pandemic, and how I’ve read about things happening in the city where people are still not following simple procedures to prevent this pandemic.

I totally forgot this was my last day of vlogging. I apologize for ending it off like that! It was an amazing experience to get to share how every day of isolation has been for me. It made me realize that I really do miss being outside and things like this can happen even when you don’t expect it to happen. I hope that COVID-19 leaves as soon as possible. It has been quite a crazy 2 weeks. Hopefully, everyone is safe and stays isolated for as long as they can. 

Until we meet again,

Lavanya Kathirgamanathan

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